Neil Donell

Canada's Most Recorded Voice

sau·da·de /souˈdädə/


A deep emotional state of profound longing for someone absent from the one that loves them.


The Living Years (M. Rutherford)
Overjoyed (S. Wonder)
I Believe When I Fall In Love (S. Wonder)
I Can't Make You Love Me (M. Reid / A. Shamblin)
Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word (E. John / B. Taupin)
Misty Blue (B. Montgomery)
Without You (P. Ham / T. Evans)
I Can't Let You Go Now ( M. McDonald)
Hard To Say I'm Sorry (P. Cetera / D. Foster)
What Happened To Me (N. Donell)


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A small sampling of Neil Donell's work including a guest appearance with Chicago. He also sings tributes to: James Taylor, Marvin Gaye, Sting, Stevie Wonder, Roy Orbison, Ray Charles, Paul McCartney, Tom Jones, Andrea Bocelli, Steve Perry, Bruce Springsteen, Tony Bennett and of course, Chicago. Neil's current album is Saudade, orders yours today!


Neil Donell

Originally hailing from Montreal, Neil has gone on to establish himself as the premier session vocalist in Canada. A veteran of more than ten thousand recording sessions, this multiple Juno Award nominee is often referred to in the media as “the most recorded voice in the country,” and is introduced as “the man of a thousand voices” at the dozens of pop symphony concerts he performs annually across North America.

Possessed of an uncanny ability for mimicry, and with better than four octaves at his disposal, he has, over the years, been called upon to reproduce the voices of literally hundreds of other artists — his repertoire spanning Bolton to Bennett to Bocelli and everyone in between — all the while moving effortlessly between virtually every musical genre. An accomplished songwriter, producer, vocal coach and arranger, Neil makes his home in Toronto, Canada.


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